Give Hulu’s Show ‘Ramy’ a Watch


The Hulu original series Ramy follows first-generation Egyptian-American Muslim Ramy who lives with his parents and younger sister in New Jersey. The show brings variety in representation with the lead being Muslim and Egyptian-American. We follow Ramy, played by comedian-actor Ramy Youssef, trying to figure out what constitutes a good Muslim and trying to find companionship. You see the stricter adherence of the older Muslim community to tradition, while the younger, Millennial generation takes more liberty and make their own interpretations of what being a Muslim means.

The perspectives sometimes shift to include those of his family. The natural, dimmer lighting of the show casts a slight drabness and haziness over the scenes, mimicking the confusion and cloudiness over Ramy’s own life while he searches for clarity.

Watch the show on Hulu for some soul-searching and hilariously awkward situations.