Netflix’s ‘Dead to Me’ Is a Must-Watch Witty Dark Comedy


The snappy Netflix show Dead to Me, starring Christina Applegate, follows her character, Jen, after losing her husband to a hit and run.

She soon befriends free-spirited Judy, played by Linda Cardellini, that she met at a grief counseling group, both having lost their husbands. They outwardly seem opposites, but form a quick, whirlwind friendship and become major support systems to each other. They help each other stand up in situations and build up the courage to confront troubles and not just accept certain things.


Judy has hidden a secret from Jen that she tries to muster the courage to expose throughout much of the season. The secret eats at Judy’s psyche as she becomes slightly unhinged and she longs to tell the truth but knows it would change their friendship and reveal a shocking truth to Jen.


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Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay.

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Check out the trailer below where Judy and Jen help each other from going over the edge.