Jaden Smith Celebrates His 21st Birthday by Giving Back to the Homeless


Jaden Smith decided to pay it forward for his 21st birthday and launched a vegan food truck for the LA homeless.

Giving back is a major way to create hope and strength within your community. For Jaden Smith’s 21st birthday, he wanted to make a positive impact in the LA community. He opened a vegan pop-up food truck called the “I Love You Restaurant” Monday, July 8 in downtown Los Angeles to provide free meals for the less fortunate. The homeless community on Skid Row received a boxed carton of water from Jaden’s spring water line, “JUST water” and “I Love You bags” that contained vegetables and other healthy vegan foods.

Jaden expressed that many more pop-up events will happen in the future with the “I Love You” food truck. With this charity event, Jaden proved that any day is a good day to give back to your community and make a difference in someone’s life.