Katelyn Ohashi Uses Acceptance Speech to Talk About Body-Shaming


As gymnast Katelyn Ohashi accepts her award for Best Play at the ESPY Awards, she takes the time to talk about body shaming. Katelyn had a beautiful acceptance speech that everyone should hear. In her speech, she talked about people online commenting hateful things and trying to break her down by talking badly about her body. They wrote about her weight and her uniform. Instead of people focusing on her routine, they were judging her body and what she was wearing.

She talked about how people turn women against each other whether it be in the sports industry, the music industry or another. People try and pin women sports against each other when they should be sharing the spotlight. Katelyn brought up Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and how they both are phenomenal rappers and should be able to be at the top together. ESPN shared the speech on Twitter.

When people like Katelyn speak up and talk about cyber attacks and body shaming it helps those who look up to them. To see their strength despite their bullies is inspiring. Katelyn is extremely talented and is using her voice to make a difference.