Ariana Grande Graces the Cover of ‘Vogue’


The beautiful and talented Ariana Grande graces the cover of Vogue with her gorgeous dog Toulouse. On the cover, she is on the beach with a beautiful black dress and amazing sunhat. Toulouse is sitting on her lap and is a natural in front of the camera.

Ariana opened up in her article with Vogue. She talked about things that she never talked about before. Ariana explained why she holds back when talking about the past two years of her life. In the interview, Manchester was brought up and she talked about why she does not talk about it with the press. She said that it is not her trauma, it is the trauma of those who lost people and she does not want to reopen wounds by speaking about it.

They also briefly discussed her relationships with Mac Miller and Pete Davidson. Ariana is extremely strong and is learning a lot about herself. She recently turned 26 on June 26th, which made it her golden birthday. She said that she shares enough with her fans and they understand why she does not share more. She shares what she feels will help others but she keeps the other stuff to herself and her fans understand that.

In the article, she talks about how close she is with her fans and how much she cares about their opinion. She said that her fans’ opinions are more important than her labels. Ariana is making the music that she wants to make and it shows.