You Need These New Plant-Based Procter & Gamble Laundry Products In Your Life


It may be tough choosing the right detergent that will efficiently clean your laundry while also meeting your personal preferences, but Glitter has got you covered.

Procter & Gamble is known for specializing in a wide range of personal care and hygiene products that cater to the extensive needs of the average consumer. Recently, P&G has released plant-based laundry detergents that are beneficial to the environment. P&G detergent brands, such as Tide, Gain, Dreft, and Downy now have natural laundry detergent options.

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Tide purclean

Tide purclean is the first plant-based detergent that includes the ultimate cleaning power of Tide. This natural detergent removes stains and cleans laundry thoroughly in energy-saving cold water. It contains 75% plant-based ingredients, made with 100% renewable wind power energy, free of dye, and it is also certified by the USDA  BioPreferred program. Tide purclean strives to perform at a high standard for natural detergents.

For more info on each of these brands, check out Tide products here.


Gain Botanicals

For the first time ever, Gain has launched “Gain Botanicals”, which is a plant-based detergent that still includes the alluring scent of Gain. Gain Botanicals come in two different scents: Orange Blossom Vanilla and White Lavender. This product is gentle on skin and is free of dyes, phosphates and brighteners. It is made from 65%  plant-based ingredients and is a USDA certified bio-based product.

Check out Gain products here.

Dreft purtouch

Dreft purtouch is another plant-based natural detergent that is a USDA certified product. This hypoallergenic detergent cleanses fabrics on baby skin and it removes 99% of baby food stains. Not only does this product provide comfort and soft, cleansed fabric for babies, but it’s also a valuable resource for anyone with sensitive skin.

Check out Dreft products here.


Downy Nature Blends

Downy’s plant-based “Nature Blends” fabric conditioner helps keep clothes in their natural shape and is gentle on sensitive skins. This Honey Lavender scent is made with 70%  plant-based fabric conditioner with a touch of coconut oil.

Checkout Downy products here.

If you are wanting to do your part for the environment while getting your laundry fresh and clean, try any of these amazing brands from P & G.