Isabella’s Music Video for ‘Three’ Has Beautiful Imagery


The video for “Three” by singer-songwriter Isabella has the black outlined framing of shooting with an old camera and a grainy overlay to make it look tastefully aged.

Some of the scenes have flashes of color that stain the snippet into an often yellow or red tone. The video flashes between sequences of her in various outfits and settings and her moments with her lover. She looks reminiscent and reflective in her solo scenes, as if looking back upon her relationship with the man that pops up throughout. She also wears a white veil in various scenes, uncovering herself, possibly to symbolize her revealing her true self and moving on from her past hopes of the relationship and not letting it shape her anymore. Some of the scenes cut to match the temp, making a display of synchronicity and emphasizing the editing. Her soft voice flows along with the images and the melody moves the story along.


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Don’t say this shit worth savin, I promise you it’s not #THREE

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At 16 Isabella Peschardt decided to pursue music and watched producers and songwriters craft songs in the studio. She began to heavily explore what she wanted to write about and practice songwriting. Her first single “Three” talks about her finding her voice and finding confidence in her abilities. She has worked on writing songs for an upcoming EP.

Make sure to give her a listen and to check out the stunning music video below.