Zendaya Is the Face of Idôle Lancôme


Zendaya and Lancôme just revealed that Zendaya is the new face of the luxurious beauty product company.

In a recent series of Instagram posts, @LancômeOfficial teased “To every woman who sees her success as a means rather than an end. Lancôme dedicates Idôle. And the new face of the fragrance is… Can you guess?”

This was followed by: “@zendaya is the voice of her generation and carries Idôle as her power totem, a symbol of victory that will light a new way for others.”

Lancôme’s new fragrance, Idôle, is dedicated to women’s empowerment and indeed, Zendaya is the perfect icon to emulate this: brave, strong, and an idol for many. Lancôme wants to remind people to follow their dreams and not be afraid to dream big.

Zendaya looked absolutely immaculate at the Lancôme Paris Idôle launch, wearing hues of delicate pinks, which serve as a reminder that strength and delicacy are not mutually exclusive.