Netflix’s Foreign Series ‘The Chosen One’ Is Worth a Watch


The Brazilian show The Chosen One builds a good amount of suspense.

The series premiered at the end of June and Netflix has all of season one available.

Three young doctors go to an isolated village in the Pantanal to give vaccinations against the newly mutated Zika virus. They soon discover the community follows a leader that can inexplicably heal diseases and become their captives.


The villagers want to keep the Chosen One hidden and don’t want the doctors to expose him to the rest of the world. The show leaves you waiting to see whether the secret behind the healings lies behind the Chosen One’s powers or if he has some secret cure in his possession.


It pulls back and forth between convincing you it has to do with faith and backing the scientist’s suspicions of some hidden ingredient used to run a gimmick. It also has beautiful scenery of abundant green forestry set in the Pantanal, a natural region that has the world’s largest tropical wetland region.

Check out the trailer below and make sure to stream it on Netflix now.