‘TheLineUp’: A Youtube Fashion Channel to Follow


TheLineUp on Youtube makes creatively edited fashion videos including lookbooks, how to wear certain pieces, and seasonally inspired outfits.

The videos have a clean, contemporary style to them and highlight the clothing and the creator’s knack for crafting a well-balanced outfit. Friends Julia and Maya comprised TheLineUp, with Maya recently leaving the channel, having Julia take over content production. Maya left in January 2019, saying she has lost interest and passion in uploading to the channel and would rather quit than drag herself on. Julia has taken the reigns and uploaded several new videos of her own creation. They began their channel in 2013 from Stockholm, Sweden uploading English videos about fashion.

Their videos often talked about how to assemble stylish winter looks since they live in a cold climate, along with several other occasions to dress for. Over the years they have amassed a current following of 511,310 subscribers and have shown a big improvement in their editing technique and confidence in their style and creativity.


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Cutest squad on the block

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For some inspiring fashion videos, look at TheLineUp to see a new perspective on clothes and putting pieces together.