Rihanna Is Using Her Platform to Be the Best Kind of Hero


Ask yourself this: what would you do if you had over 70 million followers on Instagram and were one of the world’s most successful performers and boss babes? Would you take the fame and fortune and run? Or would you return the love back into the world through good deeds such as human rights activism?

Badgalriri has chosen to use her platform to be a spokesperson for human rights. She doesn’t have to but her heart is pure gold, and it couldn’t be more apparent than recently.

First of all, Rihanna recently trolled Donald Trump with a big “Immigrant” sign while posing with a bunch of other boss babes who could have immigrated to the United States. Obviously, this is referring to the systematic attack on immigrants that the Trump administration is currently carrying out at the U.S. borders physically and via publicly directed hate speech.


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This Instagram post was followed by a tsunami of A-list celebrities commenting and thanking Rihanna for using her platform. Check it out.

Rihanna also recently spoke out to bring attention to what is going on in Sudan.

Rihanna is a huge inspiration and is reminding everyone that they have the ability to speak out and make a difference. Activism is for everyone. Humanity is for everyone. Let’s activate for humanity.