Nafessa Williams Opens up About Her Role as Thunder in Season 2 of ‘Black Lightning’

Ricky Codio

Nafessa Williams, star of Black Lightning—in its second season on the CW—recently opened up about what it is like playing TV’s first black lesbian superhero, Thunder, during an interview on Cheddar. The hit show is currently in its second season, so it was very cool to see how Nafessa’s views on the role have evolved since Glitter interviewed her last year. Nafessa described her character as “very fearless. She’s unapologetically who she is…she’s also a proud out-lesbian.” She went on to say that “we all have a superhero in us,” and that it’s been amazing being an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Nafessa said she wants to portray a relatable character because that opens the door for more people to be inspired. When she was asked what she thinks about female super heroes these day, she replied, “I think it is the year of the female…I think it is our time.” She also said it’s been “the year of the super heroes” and that when she got the role, she upped her work-out regimen because she really wants to inspire and take the entire opportunity seriously.

Malcom X, Harriet Tubman, and Angela Davis are Thunder’s main inspirations and Nafessa said that she keeps a mural of all three iconic activists on her wall as a reminder, not just for her character, but for her as well.

Check out the full interview below.

Nafessa is definitely an inspiration for everyone.