Anthony Mackie Has Some Surprises Coming with His Upcoming Captain America Role


The summer issue of Men’s Health just revealed some interesting deets about Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America, including what he will look like in his suit. 

But although we know this much, our future Marvel superhero still has some surprises up his very tight, muscular sleeves.

“I love Chris. Chris is an amazing Cap. And I feel like, what he’s been able to do with that character, very few people have been able to do in any cinematic universe or span of films. Because he’s played Cap for A LOT of movies. To take that over, to be a part of that, the legacy of that, is a huge challenge. It’s something where a lot of people are going to expect me to be Chris Evans in the same suit, but a black dude. And that’s definitely not gonna happen,” said Mackie at Celebrity Fan Fest.

Basically, Mackie’s take on the role is going to be very different. The seasoned actor has graced T.V., movies, and on and off-Broadway productions, so he is sure to do an amazing job. Falcon & Winter Soldier are set to release in 2020.