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This account was started by tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy. Based out of New York City, McCurdy is a high profiled artist. The account posts beautiful tattoos that feature unique and detailed work. Ten other artists who work at Bang Bang Tattoo and their work are featured on the account too.


Lisa Orth is based out of Los Angeles’s Arts District. Her tattoos are like canvases of art with a big focus on more nature-focused designs. Orth also sells merchandise like mugs, hats, and t-shirts that feature her popular creations also.


Nakkita Trimble is a tattoo artist who practices Indigenous tattoos. Based out of Vancouver Island, she specializes in handpokes, skin stitching, and machine work. Her creations involve a lot of traditional storytelling and bonds to her Nisga’a tribe.


Doreen Garner is a tattoo artist all about artistic expression. She describes herself as an inscriber of flesh. She makes fun tattoos that are filled with personality and skill. Garner also makes sculptures too on her other account @the_silicon_don.

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