You Have to Listen to Kali Uchis’ Music


Kali Uchis has a colorful, confident style of her own, mixing classic glamour with contemporary soul/pop melodies. Karly-Marina Loaiza, a Colombian-American singer, and songwriter goes by Kali Uchis. Her Colombian heritage comes through in her songs with the use of Spanish in some of them. She has an extravagant, bold, pop sense of fashion and musical style as well as using old Hollywood inspired themes or pieces in her intricate music videos.

She released her mixtape in 2012 called Drunken Babble, described as alternative and a mix of genres, which debuted her in the music industry. Her first EP came out in 2015 titled Por Vida which received even more recognition. Her debut studio album, Isolation, came out in 2018 which has a very 80s feel to it from the album artwork to the synths and beats used throughout her playlist. The album got critical praise and spoke for itself to gain her more fans. Uchis just got done doing a successful tour with Jorja Smith, whom she features on her song Tyrant.


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Listen to her song “After the Storm” from her latest album Isolation below.

Kali Uchis has given us many great songs and albums; we can’t wait to hear what she creates next.