SZENT Water Uses Natural Oils to Add Flavor Through Your Sense of Smell


A new brand of bottled water made in Los Angeles, SZENT uses scent rings around the neck of their bottles that have all-natural oils infused into them. 

The oils stimulate your sense of smell to provide you with a flavor experience, eliminating the need for artificial sweeteners or flavors. SZENT uses a paraben free, recyclable plastic to make their bottles and reverse osmosis to purify the water.


Passionfruit, Tangerine, Tropical, Pineapple, and Mint comprise the brand’s five main flavors. Amazon has the product available at $27 for a case of 12 and an individual bottle costs $2.25, available at certain grocery stores in Southern California. This water provides an enjoyable option for the consumer wanting a healthy drink with flavor instead of just plain water. Through the use of smell, SZENT adds dimension and essence to water without any artificial or unsure additives.

Check out SZENT’s website to browse their products for yourself.