Make Your Coffee + Cocoa at Home Amazing with Froth Select by Capresso


Coffee enthusiasts cannot go one more day without this product.

If you are someone who can’t go a day without coffee, then you might want to check out this automatic milk frother. This will give you cafe quality results without forking out money every day for overpriced lattes.

The Capresso Froth Select Automatic Milk Frother will take your at-home latte game to the next level. The frother can prepare large quantities of milk at once from 16 ounces of frothed milk to 20 ounces of warmed milk. The frother has four different settings to choose from– hot froth, cold froth, hot milk, and a special hot chocolate setting. So this frother is perfect for making cappuccinos, cafe lattes, and hot chocolates.


If you think the Capresso Frother will make a perfect gift for someone– or yourself, you can buy it here. Capresso promises a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on their product, and a 1-year warranty if any damages happen to your Capresso Frother. While you’re at Capresso site’s, check out their other coffee products. They offer free mainland shipping to any purchases over $50.