Ashley Graham Helps Everyday People Become Confident in ‘Fearless with Ashley Graham’

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Being able to be who you are and being confident in yourself is a feeling everyone should be able to feel. Ashley Graham is a body activist, entrepreneur, supermodel, one of today’s most powerful voices, and is the star of Fearless with Ashley Graham presented by the Ellen Digital Network in partnership with Total Wireless.

During season one Ashley helped everyday people build their confidence and empower them to be who they are. She helps them become unapologetically fearless. On Thursday, June 27, Ashley checks in with those she met with during the series to get updates on their journey.


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So many people were moved by Rickey’s story on #Fearless, @AshleyGraham checked in for an incredible update.

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Last season, Ashley met 26-year-old Rickey from Kansas City, MO. In the episode, we learned that he was transitioning from female to male and did not have much support behind him. Rickey has never met a trans person before so Ashley brought in groundbreaking transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox. When Rickey first saw Laverne he fell to the ground in tears. It was an emotional and beautiful moment. Rickey talked to Ashley and Laverne about coming out and what top surgery would mean for him.

Tyler Henderson/Warner Bros

In the episode that just came out, Ashley catches up with Rickey to talk about how he is feeling post surgery. It has been about a month since his top surgery when Ashley speaks to Rickey and you can see the confidence in him. Since getting top surgery Rickey is going to need to revamp his wardrobe and Ashley is here to help by surprising him with $1,000 to put towards his new wardrobe.

Fearless with Ashley Graham is available on and Ellen’s YouTube channel. The digital series will return with all-new episodes this Fall. Be sure to check out Rickey’s episode here.