New Movie Trailers You Need to Check out Now


Here are a few new movie trailers that have just been released.

A lot of new trailers have been released recently for upcoming films this year. Here are a few trailers to check out and make a note to watch later in theaters.

AD ASTRA – September 20th

This space adventure film features Hollywood’s golden star, Brad Pitt. In this movie, Brad Pitt plays an astronaut who travels deep into space to find his father, but during his travels, he begins to find out secrets that challenge all prior knowledge about time and space.


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Brad Pitt stars in #AdAstra. In theaters September 20th. To watch the full trailer, see link in bio.

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This trailer shows off a very famous set of actors—Kiera Knightley, Matt Smith, and Matthew Goode. The movie is a political thriller that involves Knightley’s character, Katherine Gun, exposing valuable political information and facing possible imprisonment. The film will follow her public trial and the challenges she faces to stand up for what she thinks is right.

FROZEN 2 – November

Disney finally released last week the much-anticipated trailer to the sequel of Disney’s hit film Frozen. The trailer seems to hint that the main character, Elsa, will be learning to do new things with her winter powers and possibly doing something to save the world.


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