Missouri Is Now the First State Without Planned Parenthood


On Friday, June 21st, the health department voted to reject a license renewal for the only Planned Parenthood in St.Louis. 

Planned Parenthood told USA TODAY  that it would stop following a state requirement that physicians do two pelvic exams on patients getting abortions, and this prompted the issue. “We believe continuing to force an additional invasive and uncomfortable vaginal exam on patients at least three days before her abortion procedure, when it is not medically indicated, and when she will have the identical exam on the day of the abortion procedure, is not patient-centered; it is disrespectful and dehumanizing,” McNicholas, an OB-GYN for the St.Louis Planned Parenthood said, “This is contrary to our mission.”

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services had the task of deciding whether to renew the license for the St.Louis Planned Parenthood by Friday, and they decided to reject. Judge Michael Stelzer announced the decision in court and he added that the clinic shall remain open until further court order. Six other states, Mississippi, Kentucky, West Virginia, North Dakota and South Dakota, including Missouri, only have a single abortion provider.  Since 2008, Missouri has lost four abortion providers due to restrictive state laws, says Planned Parenthood.

Its closure would make Missouri the first state in nearly 50 years without an abortion clinic. The last remaining clinic has asked for another temporary abortion license before their current one expires on Friday, June 28th.