Luka Sabbat Partners with Evian Water

Evian Water

Evian is a company that prides itself on its water quality, including natural electrolytes within water, how nature intended.They’re encouraging people to have that same desire within themselves with their #LiveYoung campaign. The I Wanna #LiveYoung campaign began in 2018 and continues this year through Evian’s partnership with Grown-ish actor, creator, style icon and philanthropist Luka Sabbat.

Luka contributes to the #LiveYoung campaign through his contribution to the arts. His tagline is “I Wanna Write My Own Script”. This is apparent as Luka molds each character he portrays to hold a little bit of himself. He breaks the barriers of fashion; he wears what he wants without fear of what society will have to say. Luka Sabbat is very much writing his own script and is the perfect addition to this campaign.

Evian has also partnered with Conservationist Cory Richards and Tennis Champ Maria Sharapova. Maria’s message includes “I Wanna Never Give Up” encouraging everyone to push through their struggles to get to their triumphs.

Through I Wanna #LiveYoung Evian is pushing everyone to have the mindset to be “insatiably curious, playful and progressive”.