Everyone Should Watch the New Documentary ‘Life in the Doghouse’ Featuring Danny and Ron’s Rescue on Netflix


Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta have dedicated their lives—and home—to rescuing dogs, and everyone should check out their unique and inspiring story. Life in The Doghouse is a brand-new documentary about their nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization, Danny and Ron’s Rescue, and it is currently in theaters and out on Netflix. Everyone should watch this.

Ellen DeGeneres also expressed her support for this amazing documentary and the work that Danny and Ron’s Rescue do. If Ellen recommends the documentary, you know it is definitely worth your time.

“Danny and Ron’s Rescue is a safe haven for animals with a heart of gold. They care for each animal as a beloved member of the family while they look for homes for them that that will do the same. I love them!!!” —Gloria Gaynor

The courageous and dedicated duo has adopted almost 10,000 dogs from all over the globe, including Canada, Europe, and states like California and Washington. Focusing on rescuing abused and traumatized dogs from euthanasia lists, they go to kill-shelters and adopt dogs that are not popular. The idea is to give these dogs a chance at learning how to live peaceful, happy, quality lives, in a real home, so that others can see that they are indeed adoptable. The dogs get to roam free throughout the very large house and are checked by veterinarians, spayed and neutered, dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and groomed.


Over 4 million animals are euthanized every year without a chance of ever finding love, and Danny and Ron are bringing attention to humans’ ability to put a stop to that. They began their project in 2005, after Hurricane Katrina left thousands of dogs homeless and abandoned. Danny and Ron rescue homeless dogs, dogs that have been left chained to trees and fences, injured dogs, bait dogs used for fighting, dogs in puppy mills, and dogs that no one else will adopt. They are saving thousands of lives with their sheer determination and belief that these dogs deserve a chance, and it is beautiful.


This house is the dog’s house; Danny and Ron consider themselves “guests” in the dogs’ home. Staff live and work at the home year-round. And there is an extra niche to the scene: Danny and Ron visit horse shows and often relocate the dogs to families involved in the horse show community.


Danny and Ron’s goal is to give these rescued dogs a loving home and life until they get adopted into their forever homes. They usually have around 40 to 50 dogs living at their home at a time—71 dogs at the time of the filming of the documentary—and if a dog is considered unadoptable then they just stay there with Danny and Ron.


Everyone should watch this film as every view helps spread the word and save lives. Danny and Ron’s Rescue story will inspire others to realize the potential that love, courage, and dedication have to change the world into a better place for everyone.

“We live in the dog’s house. We are the guests…seeing their faces and knowing that they’re going to die drives me harder to want to save more” — Danny and Ron

Watch the documentary trailer below.

You can donate to Danny and Ron’s Rescue by visiting dannyronsrescue.org/donate.