Megan Nicole Is Showing Us How to Have a Healthy Relationship in New Episode of Her YOUTUBE Show Adult(Ed)

Nathan Tecson

Being an adult is hard. There is so much that people do not tell you about adulting. Megan Nicole is here to help us with the stresses of being an adult. It is okay because Megan Nicole, in conjunction with Jeenyus Entertainment, has released the fifth episode of her new YouTube show Adult(ed). This episode tackles the subject of having a healthy adult relationship.

Megan Nicole brings in family and marriage counselor Alex Van Fleet, from the Center for Connection, to meet with a young couple, Megan and Caleb. The relationship between Caleb and Megan is still new, when the episode was filmed they had only been dating for a couple of months. Van Fleet explains to the young couple that self-realization is important to have in a mature adult relationship. When you understand why you are doing and reacting a certain way it will help you communicate better. Another essential building block for a healthy relationship is focusing on the “Usness” instead of focusing on the individual parties in the relationship. “Usness” means instead of focusing on “me” or “you” let’s focus on “us” as a couple to figure out how to handle a situation.

Van Fleet then goes onto give the couple an exercise called active listening to talk out a problem, big or small, that has been on their minds. Megan and Caleb go on to discuss a problem that may be seen as something small but could have become a much bigger problem if they did not talk it out. As they do the exercise we see the couple grow stronger within their relationship.

At the end of the 15-minute episode Megan Nicole, who is a newlywed, talks about her key takeaways from the episode. Check the new episode out here and be sure to check out the first four episodes that talk about renting an apartment, how to throw a dinner party, what to have in your kitchen and working out.