Join Boxed Water’s ‘No-Plastic Pledge’ This Summer to Decrease Plastic Use

Boxed Water

Boxed Water has launched a “No-Plastic Pledge” in honor of World Ocean’s Day that was held on June 8. The pledge is challenging people to give up their one-use plastic water bottles for 30 days. Every year 8.8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean. This summer Boxed Water is trying to get more people drinking from a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated instead of plastic ones that will end up polluting our oceans. It is expected by 2050 that there will be more plastic in the ocean instead of fish.

A plastic water bottle is made up of the equivalent of 48 plastic straws. Last summer companies, consumers and more tried to get rid of the use of plastic straws. This summer we can try to use less plastic bottles and replace them with reusable ones to help decrease the use of plastic. The pledge is here to encourage people to make a commitment to a better planet. Participants will hold themselves accountable on their pledge.


Just by giving up plastic water bottles for 30 days can make a huge difference. 50 million plastic water bottles are sent to landfills each year and it will take 700 years for those bottles to decompose. We have a duty to keep our oceans clean and earth healthy. To make the pledge you can go to the Boxed Water’s website and get a free pledge kit. Follow Boxed Water on Instagram @BoxedWater to see tips on giving up plastic.