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American Honey, starring Sasha Lane, has a well-developed feeling of summertime and creates a relatable environment. Sasha Lane plays a teen named Star trying to get away from a troubled home by joining a traveling magazine sales group, with most of them not having anyone to miss them. While going door to door in the Midwest, her sales crew becomes like her family and they get into several adventures involving drugs and breaking the law. The actors make their characters into actual people you may see on the side of the road and ground them in reality. Sasha Lane and her co-star Shia LaBeouf have strong chemistry between them and give standout performances, especially Lane.

The director Andrea Arnold fills the movie with a soft, dream-like charm and captures the feeling of freedom in doing dangerous things. She has a raw style that highlights the small details to form the big picture. Close shots of objects, people, and animals induce nostalgia and compile to make a vivid setting.

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Finally available on Blue ray DVD and ITunes My heart breaks and mends for everyone this experience/movie touches . Many ask me how I did it and I believe God told me I’d be alright and that it was worth everything that’s happened and why I am who I am, so I did it . I couldn’t be more thankful and blessed to have met everyone who was apart of the #americanhoney crew and wouldn’t change it for the world , Much MUCH love to 071, and everyone for all the support It gives me such..I’ll say emotion, to have created something that I feel will never stop bringing me to tears I hope you never judge prematurely, I hope you love endlessly , I hope you find the beauty and the light in the dark And for all those asking to be seen and heard and for life to be worth it, see and hear YOURSELF, find your own beauty and your own way to the path you’re suppose to fulfill Stay open . It’s in you ❤️

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Watch the film on Netflix for a refreshingly real movie that shows an often ignored side of America.