Starbucks’ New Dragon Drinks Are Making a Splash This Summer


Dragonfruit is making its mark on Starbucks’ new Summer menu. 

The coffee chain is known for bringing new and refreshing drinks to its customers and this summer is no exception. The newest addition to the Starbucks menu includes the vibrant Dragon Drink! This drink is as tasty as it is pretty! Its made up of Mango Dragonfruit Refreshers that are then combined with Coconut Milk giving a smooth taste of the tropics. The Dragon Drink is true to the fuschia skin of Dragonfruit which also makes it the cutest/easiest accessory.


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A tropical tango of coconutmilk, dragonfruit, with a hint of mango. 💕#DragonDrink

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The Dragonfruit party doesn’t stop with the Dragon Drink. The hand-shaken Mango Dragonfruit Refresher is quite literally refreshing. Its a blend of real fruit juice from sweet mango and dragonfruit and it also includes diced dragonfruit pieces.


Quench your thirst, but make it fashion with this hot pink drink while you’re chilling poolside this summer.