Singer Blood Orange Has Old School Vibes


Singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Blood Orange uses classic early R&B sounds to master his music.

Devonte Hynes a.k.a Blood Orange has produced and written for many artists including Solange Knowles and A$AP Rocky. In 2007 he released a debut album under the name Lightspeed Champion. His debut single under his current moniker Blood Orange released in 2011 called “Dinner” followed by his album Coastal Grooves. Hynes’ most current album Negro Swan was released in 2018 and he seems to have more comfort and confidence in his sound and honed in on crafting moods.


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In Negro Swan and across his work, he often incorporates dialogues or monologues of real-life interactions or perspectives into his songs, making you feel like a witness to or an observer of a piece of life. The eighties or nineties style synth sounds that pop up create a feeling of nostalgia backed with reverb melodies to make a dreamy, airy feel.

Look up his music on streaming services for a blast of nostalgic, dreamy instrumentals and old school vibes reformed into modern songs and videos.