Netflix Releases Ashley O Music Video


Black Mirror, a Netflix Original series just came out with their season 5 episode starring Miley Cyrus, “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too”.


The series is full of dark episodes that correlate to our society. Cyrus’s episode is about a superstar, Ashley O, who is being forced to pretend to be a pop singer when she wants to write and perform alternative music. Her aunt, who is also her manager, does not have Ashley’s best interests in mind. Her team creates a doll called Ashley Too and it is supposed to be Ashley O in a doll so her fans can be friends with her.


Rachel is the new girl in school and is having trouble making friends. She is a sweet girl who just wants to be liked. On the other hand Jack her sister is aggressive and has that I-don’t-care attitude. As the show continues Rachel gets the Ashley Too doll and finally feels like she has a friend. Throughout the show we find out that Rachel plays a much bigger part in Ashley O’s life then anyone thought.

In the show, Rachel watches Ashley O’s music video for her song “On A Roll” but we, as the audience, never get to see the whole thing. Netflix just dropped the official music video of “On A Roll” on its YouTube channel and let us into what Rachel was watching. The video was familiar in the beginning but by the had a more Black Mirror twist on it. The screen started cracking and glimpses of Ashley’s evil aunt were coming through.


Check out the episode streaming on Netflix now and the official music video below.