Listening to ‘Pretty Basic’ Podcast Is like Hanging with Our Besties


“Pretty Basic” is a feel-good podcast with great advice from besties and YouTube stars Remi Cruz and Alisha Marie. Each episode is extremely relatable and they talk about real things that happen in their lives. They talk about the good and not so good moments that make us all human. This show is like sitting down with your besties and chatting for 45 minutes or an hour.

The episode topics range from weight loss, mental health, guys, dating, toxic friendships and much more. Cruz has been on a weight loss journey and talks about how that affects her mental health on the podcast. Being able to be so vulnerable on the podcast helps so many people who are struggling with the same things. Another important topic the besties talk about is toxic friendships. Hearing their stories and how they dealt with the situation helps others get out of bad friendships. If someone who is supposed to be your friend makes you feel bad about yourself or is draining every time you hang out maybe it is time for a break.


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Have you listened to yesterday’s episode yet?? 💕 (link in bio!) #prettybasic

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The girls give great advice for the hard situations that we all go through but they still bring the fun with their story times. The episode that aired on June 12 Cruz told a story about her fairytale-love-story moment that happened when she was on vacation in New Orleans, Louisiana. The girls keep the conversations light-hearted by talking about their favorite times together or their best days they have had so far. The podcast is full of Cruz’s story times and great advice from Alisha. Episodes air each Wednesday on Apple Podcasts.