Supermodel Naomi Campbell Opens up About past Body Insecurities


For those of you who think that insecurities are exclusive to certain kinds of people, think again. Supermodel Naomi Campbell just opened up to British Vogue about self-acceptance and her battles with being comfortable in her own body.

“Growing up, I never felt at ease in my skin. At school, people would call me names like Olive Oyl or Twigs, and I felt awkward and inadequate…It’s taken me a long time to feel right in my body — it’s something that has come with age, and has really only happened over the past few years.”

She went on to say that exercise and building muscle strength helped her become mentally stronger and more accepting of herself, and that true beauty starts with the internal and spiritual aspects of life.

I’ve learned, too, not to take my body for granted. Some people think that I push myself too hard, but today I know my limits: I know when I have to take time out.”—Naomi Campbell, British Vogue

We thank Naomi for being so open and for letting us know that we are not alone when it comes to our insecurities.