Chrissy Teigen’s Newest Jet Lag-Induced Hat Is Amazing


We have all made questionable decisions while tired, but Chrissy Teigen’s latest jetlagged-inspired headwear purchase has us all beat.

Spending too many hours stuffed in a metal tube while being launched thousands of feet above the ground tends to make a person tired, disoriented and ready to make some bad choices. Chrissy, fresh from a flight, fired off a tweet complaining about her latest purchase made under the influence of jetlag. She lamented over the fact that she buys “the stupidest hats while jetlagged.”

Twitter, of course, became very intrigued about this new mystery of exactly what kind of stupid hat did Chrissy buy. Fearing that Chrissy would be too embarrassed about her new headpiece, one user just asked Chrissy to give Twitter a “poorly drawn picture.” Lucky for us, Chrissy decided to show off her artistic talent.

Even in Chrissy’s masterpiece of a drawing, the hat does seem very silly. However, it does win points for originality, and it looks very comfy.

Frankly, we love the hat; it’s fashion.