Kevin Hart Takes a Lie Detector Test


Vanity Fair chooses Kevin Hart to be the next celeb to take on the lie detector test.

Vanity Fair has a short sketch that involves putting a celebrity’s word to the test. The chosen celeb goes under a lie detector test and is asked questions for the answers the public truly wants to know. Actress Tiffany Haddish has also undergone the Vanity Far lie detector test before and the video has millions of views of her under pressure underneath the wires and lights of the detector machine. This time Vanity Fair has gone for another hit comedian—Kevin Hart.


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Kevin Hart starts off the video by saying “I’m not nervous” and then nine seconds later tells the camera “I have a slight heart murmur”. He also lists his slight asthma and his allergy to shellfish as a reason the results of the lie detector test might be a little skewed. Then before they can even start the test, Hart tells the conductor of the test he has to use the bathroom, which the machine showed was a true statement.

Check out if Kevin Hart cracks under pressure in Vanity Fair’s video below.