HBO’s Documentary ‘At the Heart of Gold’ Hits Hard


HBO’s documentary At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal creates a tear-jerking experience as it exposes the sexual abuse Larry Nassar inflicted on female athletes for over twenty years as a physician for the U.S women’s Olympic gymnastics team and Michigan State University.

His victims got a chance to speak about their trauma and its after-effects. The accounts detail his nice-guy mannerisms and how he used his clean, caring image to trick both child and parent into trusting and not questioning his actions or “examinations”, using an illusion of trust to quell anyone’s concerns.


Heads of the Olympic team and Michigan State had complaints and questions about Nassar, but they ignored them and let him continue to go unchecked until they had to face the issue because of insurmountable proof and victims stepping forward. Courtroom footage shows the emotional trial, and a multitude of his victims summon the courage to give their testimonies and accounts in front of Nassar and the court.

Watch on HBO to the hear the athlete’s heartbreaking stories.