‘Always Be My Maybe’ Shows Us Unconditional Love


Always Be My Maybe is a new movie that is now streaming on Netflix that stars Ali Wong and Randall Park, who also co-wrote the movie. Their characters, Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim, were best friends until senior year came around. Kim’s mother Judy passed away in a tragic accident which led Kim and Tran to get in a fight which ended their friendship. Fast forward 16 years later and Tran is a famous chef who is about to get married and Kim is working in the family business with his father.


This movie shows that blood does not make a family. Tran spent a lot of time at the Kim house because her parents were rarely home. Mrs. Kim taught Tran how to cook and gave her their family recipes. The relationship Tran had with Mrs. Kim was shown throughout the movie. Even though Tran and Kim went down different paths in life they ended up meeting again. While they were getting to know each other it felt like they had never left each other’s side. All they wanted was the best for one another.


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Now streaming on Netflix ❤️

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Always Be My Maybe is definitely the feel-good movie to stream now on Netflix.