Wonder Woman Shows Off Dazzling New Look in New Movie Poster

(Warner Bros.)

Wonder Woman 1984’s new poster reveals the most color we’ve seen from the DC universe since 1957’s ‘The Rainbow Batman’.

Gal Gadot shines in the colorful new poster announcing the June 5, 2020 release date for Wonder Woman 1984. Wonder Woman’s iconic double W is reimagined as a kaleidoscope of neon colors spiking behind Gal’s golden shroud form. It creates a dizzying effect that promises a wild vision for the Wonder Woman 1984. Wonder Woman has also shed the famous red, white, and blue costume from the first movie, and now proudly wears a new golden armor. The armor looks to be tough as nails despite its luminous shine and appears to bear a cape in the back. There are no cheesy smiles for Wonder Woman as she glares out from the poster, clad in fierce armor and fists clenched, ready for her next fight.

Little is known about Wonder Woman 1984. We know it’ll be set during the Cold War, Patty Jenkins will be back to direct, but everything else is currently a mystery. From the poster, we can discern that Wonder Woman will face new challenges that will require new armor while hinting at Wonder Woman’s heart of gold. This look at Wonder Woman 1984 is exciting, bold, and brings some daring color to the gray desaturated world of superheroes.