#CrestSmileWithPride Campaign Shares Important Stories


Crest launched their third annual #CrestSmileWithPride campaign on June 5th by posting three short videos on their Instagram page. Each story is based on a real conversation Vanessa Webster, Jay Strut and JuiceBoxx had with people in their lives. Webster tells her best friend that she is gay after she shared her first same-sex kiss. Strut tells her date that she would love to go on another date but she just wanted to let him know that she is transgendered. JuiceBoxx’s video is based on the first time his dad saw him in drag. Each one of these conversations ended with a smile. Webster, Strut and JuiceBoxx were vulnerable with each person they talked to and all they needed in those moments was a smile from those they loved.

These three conversations start a conversation of their own. Everyone should be comfortable in who they are no matter who they love, no matter what gender they identify with and no matter how they express themselves. Not every conversation ends in a smile but this campaign is here to show how much of a difference there is when it does. Everyone in the LGBTQ+ has their own story and not all of them end with acceptance from those they love. Coming out and showing people who you truly are is a hard journey to take but when the response is positive it helps people become more comfortable in their own skin.

Many are taking to Instagram and telling their own stories of acceptance using the hashtag #CrestSmileWithPride.