Japanese Actress Yumi Ishikawa Petitions to Stop Requiring Heels at Work


The new #KuToo movement has been started by Japanese actress, Yumi Ishikawa.

In the age of feminism and the demand for equal rights, one actress had something to say about footwear. Many employers, particularly in Japan, require women to wear heels at work. But Yumi Ishikawa, 32, had something to say about it. This movement, called #KuToo (a reference to the #MeToo movement), started when Ishikawa was forced to change careers when she had difficulty standing in heels for eight hours when training.

The actress also took to Twitter to post photos showing the heels they make her wear and how painful it is after standing for so long.

It’s time for women to take a powerful stance about their footwear. You go Yumi.