Miley Drops New Music with ‘She Is Coming’ and It Is Everything We’ve Been Waiting For

Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS

Miley has been teasing for weeks and her new music is finally here and fans are going crazy for more. She Is Coming is the first of three upcoming EP’s, which also includes She Is Here expected out in the summer and She Is Everything. This new sound is edgy, mature and fresh Miley is absolutely at the top of her game. This is the first album that Miley’s put out since her and Liam Hemsworth tied the knot and her first new music since providing vocals on Mark Ronsons’s “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” last November, and fans are not disappointed. Miley looks and sounds great. Looking back at her in “Party in the USA,” Miley has really evolved. These EP’s have gotten her the right kind of attention and on the map in a great way; fans are loving it and cannot wait for more.

Miley took to Instagram posting that all three EPs will end up making one album, titled She Is Miley Cyrus

The She Is Coming EP includes the tracks “Mothers Daughter,” “Unholy,” “D.R.E.A.M. Ft. Ghost Face Killah,” “Cattitude Ft. RuPaul,” ” Party Up the Street”, and “The Most.” Besides releasing epic music, the singer will also star in an upcoming episode of Black Mirror part of the Netflix show’s fifth season which premieres June 5th. The multitalented singer somehow finds time to do it all.