Lilly Singh Wants You to Trust the Process


Youtuber Lilly Singh is mostly known for her hilarious comedy, but the woman’s philosophical depth will inspire you to make room for yourself.

She’s been all about contemplation lately, talking about focusing on potential instead of limitations.

Whether she is discussing how she herself looks at life or reacts to it, or simply acknowledging that everyone on the planet is relevant, Lilly is definitely paving a path towards empowerment for all. And Lilly probably has some good advice, because whatever she is doing is working…after all, she has an NBC late night talk show coming to your TV this fall, A Little Late with Lilly Singh.

Lilly recently spoke about beliefs and how our concepts of how to do things right versus how things are done wrong can hold us back.

“But what if that’s all nonsense and really what’s right is the way your beautiful mind creates a pathway to do something. That’s why you’re here.. to create your way. Let’s break the rules a little today. I want to see your mind shine”—Lilly Singh

Maybe the first step in breaking the glass ceiling is to realize the glass is breakable.