Interview: Sky Katz on How ‘America’s Got Talent’ Put Her in the Public Eye

Photo: Bobby Quillard

Singer, rapper, and actress, Sky Katz, got her big break on the 11th season of America’s Got Talent. In doing that show it opened up doors for Sky, who can currently be seen playing Tess O’Malley in the Disney Channel series, Raven’s Home. Sky said she is a lot like her character so it makes playing her extra special. Sky sat down with Glitter to talk about her new single, “Saucy,” her dream collab (Nicki Minaj if you’re reading, call Sky ASAP), and the best advice she was ever given. Also, make sure to check out her special fan concert with Annie LeBlanc on June 15th in NYC. Read on to find out more about this actress who is making big moves.

GLITTER: What would you say was your big break?

SKY: Being on America’s Got Talent was really my big break because it put me in the public eye and allowed people all over the world to see me!

GLITTER: What does being an artist mean to you?

SKY: Being an artist means making something unique and creative to share with people.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about your new single “Saucy?”

SKY: “Saucy” is a really fun song that goes along with a great video with some amazing dancers. It really brings the song to life.

GLITTER: Where do your musical influences come from?

SKY: My influences come from so many musicians. I’m always listening to different people and obsessing over them. I like hip-hop the most but I also listen to pop as well, all the time.

GLITTER: Do you play any instruments?

SKY: I don’t play any, but I wish I could!

GLITTER: We also know you’re an actress and currently on Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home. What’s it like playing Tesson the show? How are you alike or unlike your character?

SKY: Playing Tess is so great especially because we have so much in common. We both love basketball, music, our friends, our family, and somehow we often find ourselves in a little trouble :-).

Photo: Bobby Quillard

GLITTER: How do you stay grounded in this business?

SKY: I stay grounded by just appreciating all the good fortune I’ve been lucky enough to have.

GLITTER: Any hidden talents?

SKY: I can juggle!

GLITTER: Best advice you were ever given?

SKY: Don’t take anything for granted because nothing lasts forever!

GLITTER: What is one thing your fans may not know about you?

SKY: Fans may not know that I am an amazing baker and love working with fondant.

GLITTER: Glitter has a Celebrity #Self-LoveCampaign, what’s self-love mean to you?

SKY: Self-love is not only accepting who you are but LOVING who you are.

GLITTER: Who is your dream collaboration with?

SKY: My dream collaboration is with Nicki Minaj. She is my queen!

GLITTER: What do you have planned for the upcoming year?

SKY: This year we will finish filming season3 of Raven’s Home and I’m going to be in the studio making a lot more music. On June 15th, I will be co-headlining a special fan concert in NYC with Annie LeBlanc. We hope to see you there!

GLITTER: How can fans follow you?

SKY: Instagram & Twitter: @skykatzSnapchat: skykatzraps