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The Los Angeles residing alternative R&B singer Sudan Archives grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. She learned to play the violin starting in the fourth grade and had a year of training before teaching herself to play by ear in church. She told her mother at age 17 that she disliked her birth name of Brittney Parks, which prompted her to come up with the nickname Sudan. Her parents kicked her out of the house and she moved to L.A. at age 19 to study music technology and got signed to Stones Throw Records after a chance encounter with their representatives at a party. She released an EP in 2017 titled Sudan Archives and another EP titled Sink in 2018.


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Sudanese fiddle music introduced to her in L.A, R&B, and electronic music all influence her music, and out of this fusion emerged her style. For a refreshing merge of cultures and music styles accompanied by striking visuals check out Sudan Archives. She is definitely an up and coming artist to watch out for.

Listen to her single Nont For Sale from the EP Sink below.