Watch Indie R&B Artist Bianca Rose’s New Music Video ‘Run & Hide’

(Bianca Rose Music)

UK R&B artist Bianca Rose just released the music video for her song “Run & Hide” and it’s all about the feels. Co-written and produced by Jake Isaac, Rose says that the song is about coming into touch with one’s true feelings and eliminating fear by facing it. By acknowledging the parts of us that make us sad or fearful, we can then come to terms with getting past them. Rose’s debut album was titled No Fear Here and released in 2017, so getting past fear is an important part of Rose’s musical works.

The video, directed by Chris Mathison, is beautifully matched to the song with a dark background and cinematography contrasting Rose’s smooth and inspiring vocals. You can hear the emotion in her voice and feel the message from her soul.

You can watch the full video below: