Sampha Creates Soulful Electro Sounds in His Music

Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS

The singer, songwriter, musician and record producer from South London has a distinguishable style that combines his soul touching voice and melodies with elements of techno/electro beats and sounds.

The juxtaposition of soulful sounds with sharp techno beats complement and emphasize each other creating an engaging and enveloping listening experience. One of his songs, “Blood On Me”, demonstrates his vibe perfectly.

Sampha released two solo EPs Sundanza in 2010 and Dual in 2013. Sampha released his debut album Process in February 2017 through Young Turks and won the 2017 Mercury Prize.

He has had many celebrities such as Drake and Kanye West call upon his talents to create music together. His first collaboration with Drake featuring his vocals on the song “Too Much” in 2013 earned him an increase in fans and recognition, with many people discovering him through the song.

He continues to work meticulously to develop the music he releases, lends his talents to artists, performs, and puts out a single now and then. The care and passion that he interlaces into his work definitely qualify him as an artist worth following.