Maty Noyes Is Helping Connect Rescued Dogs with Veterans in Need


It’s almost the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, but never too late to start becoming aware of how we can try to help or better understand those in need.

In honor of this past Memorial Day, Maty Noyes just announced that she is helping to promote an amazing organization called Canine Companions LTD. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to finding and training service dog companions for veterans with PTSD. Maty says the mission is to “uplift and empower veterans by arming them with a marketable skill that simultaneously allows them to give back to fellow veterans with a service dog.” And even better—the service dogs are initially dogs who have been rescued from euthanasia.

Canine Companions LTD can always use donations, as the rescuing, training, and transportation to get the dogs to the veterans always costs something. You can join Maty on the quest to help veterans meet their special dog service companions by donating or spreading the word.

Learn more about the nonprofit here.