Netflix’s Show “It’s Bruno!” Is Worth a Watch


It’s Bruno builds a colorful cast of characters surrounding Bruno and his owner Malcolm.

Bruno ties all of the colorful characters of the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick together. His owner Malcolm has a comical obsession with him, cooking him everyday specialty meals, brushing his teeth, and only shopping at stores that let his dog enter too.

The show depicts things every dog owner can relate to and has hilarious moments of owner rivalry over who’s dog can do the most tricks. Director, writer, and creator Solvan “Slick” Naim stars beside his real-life puggle (pug/beagle mix) Bruno that he got from a shelter about five years ago. The dog has a face able to emulate emotions and expressions notably well. The fifteen to twenty minute long episodes prove easy to fly through, with eight episodes comprising the first season.

The show’s many dogs along with its starring pooch and neighborhood that itself becomes a character would delight its viewers, especially dog lovers.