Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Face Cream Rich Will Elevate Your Skincare Routine

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Curated and created by Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Face Cream Rich for Women is the newest face cream to hit the market. This cream is an anti-aging cream designed to utilize a substance called purslane. Purslane is a highly effective substance that has superb regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative and moisturizing properties. This cream works wonders for your skin. You will be able to visibly see how refreshed your skin looks as early as the first use. This unique face cream is designed with active compounds that work deep inside skin cells leaving your skin feeling fresh and glowing. Fine lines fade away as your skin becomes firmer. Purslane is designed to reduce redness and excites the production of collagen. This cream can be used as a night cream, or if you find yourself having drier skin it is exceptional as a day cream as well. It’ll have your skin looking absolutely flawless.

You can find Face Cream Rich for Women at any Nordstrom store or on the store’s website.