Ama Lou; An Artist to Lookout for


Check out the music of artist Ama Lou for a refreshing sound.

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter from North London has garnered attention with her eclectic and unapologetic sound and style. She began jotting down lyrics at the age of eleven at the encouragement of her father and has stuck with it ever since. The rising artist creates atmospheric videos akin to short films to accompany her melodic ballads.


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She toured with Jorja Smith in 2018 and she introduced Drake to Ama’s music. Her first release in October 2016 called TBC eventually grabbed the attention of Drake who inboxed her saying, “I love TBC, it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.” The shooting of Eric Garner and the Black Lives Matter movement heavily influenced the song.

She released her debut EP DDD in March 2018 which has an accompanying short film with much of it taking place in the desert depicting her struggling with her position in life and self-perception. Ama acts as a ground-level member of a crime syndicate and mood development drives the story over plot.

The Creed 2 movie soundtrack includes one of her songs entitled “Bless Me,” her most recent music output.

Her EP definitely shows promise and a taste of greater things to come that fans don’t want to miss.