Ed Sheeran Crosses Genres with New Song ‘Cross Me’

Photo: Mark Surridge/Atlantic Records

Ed Sheeran’s newest song “Cross Me” features a team up with Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock and teases a new style for Sheeran.

“Cross Me” is upbeat, catchy and fun, and belongs solidly in the hip hop/ rap song genre. Ed Sheeran has made his career with pop music serenades with his classic folksy vibe and dreamy voice, but now it looks like he’s expanding his repertoire. Ed Sheeran indulges his previously hidden hip-hop side with this newest song, and he nails it. “Cross Me” is a refreshing hit with Chance the Rapper’s sweet verses and Ed Sheeran’s crooning.

“Cross Me” has been the latest in a series of collaborations with different artists. Ed Sheeran had been teasing a surprise singer for “Cross Me” for the past few days, but before that, he collaborated with Justin Beiber on “I Don’t Care”. Both of these songs will be a part of Ed Sheeran’s upcoming album No. 6 Collaborations Project. With a title like that, the new album is sure to be filled with many more collaborations with different artists for Sheeran. If “Cross Me” is any indication, the album is not one to miss.