Chloe’s Pops Are Natural and Packed with Flavor

Chloe’s Fruit

The sweet food company, Chloe’s Fruit, proves you can have delicious pops without the harmful additives.

What sounds better? Hydrocolloids or real fruit? Emulsifiers or water? Aspartame or cane sugar? If you went with the latter options that could easily be pronounced, then Chloe’s Pops might be your next favorite treat to cool down with this summer.

Real Fruit. Water. Cane Sugar. These are the ingredients Chloe’s Fruit founder, Chloe Epstein, promises are in her fruit pops. Quality ingredients are important to Chloe because only the highest quality would be given to her three children.

Epstein, a former lawyer turned mom-entrepreneur, wanted a tasty snack for her family that didn’t sound like its ingredients were made by a mad scientist. To get this treat, Epstein had to step into the kitchen herself. On her company’s website, Epstein says, “I started experimenting with fruit in juicers, blenders, cuisinarts… Following countless recipes, tons of frozen bananas and lots of patience, Chloe’s Fruit was born using just fruit, water, and cane sugar.”

Chloe’s Fruit

Epstein has also added on to her original four fruit items of banana, strawberry, mango, and apple. Her fruit pop line now also features raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate, pineapple, and tangerine. If fruity is not your taste, Chloe’s has added chocolate dipped pops too with the same base ingredients of fruit, water, and cane sugar.

These guilty-free pops can be found in over 4,000 supermarkets nationwide, and if you can’t get your tasty fix from the store, it can also be ordered through Chloe’s Fruit’s partners—Amazon Fresh, Fresh Direct, Peapod, and Jet.

For more fun info about Chloe’s Fruit and to find out where to purchase these amazing pops, visit the Chloe’s Fruit website.