Nude by Nature Cosmetics Are Cruelty-Free and PETA Certified

Nude by Nature Cosmetics

This cosmetic brand is free of chemicals and free of cruelty.

Nude by Nature® is dedicated to creating products without parabens, silicones, synthetics, and most importantly, animal-testing. The company abides by its “natural philosophy,” which focuses on using natural ingredients like plant oils and butters, clays, fruit and plant extracts.

The natural moisturizing, anti-aging, and antioxidant qualities in these ingredients are intended to be good for your skin—not just hide it.

Nude by Nature was started in 2008 in Sydney, Australia. When the founders realized that people are increasingly paying attention to the things they eat and how consumer choices impact the environment, they wanted to create a cosmetic line that was equally conscientious. Used and promoted by social media influencers such as Christina Butcher, Lauren Bullen, Van Anh, and Aubrey Daquinag, this line is a must try. It’s backed by a money-back guarantee, too.

Check out the Nude by Nature website here. They have starter-kits, tutorials, and more.